Kate Spade Tee: Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You

Kate Spade Tee: Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You

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When i first heard the news of Kate Spade's passing I was in stunned disbelief! My idol, favorite brand and roll model was gone. She took her own life. In that moment I decided that we needed to do something and bring suicide prevention to the forefront of society. With social media these days all you see is a highlight reel of the really good things, not the bad and the hardships. It is my goal to have this tee out there across the nation to bring love and happiness to all women! Being happy with ones self is one of the best gifts that a woman can have! "Never forget to... BE HAPPY.BE BRIGHT. BE YOU.!

Brand: Next Level V-Neck

Color: Black 

Fit: Unisex Tee


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